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have looked for historical economic calendars, and/or routines to check them, but I came up empty. Lets do the math, you only bet on colours (Black or Red) the chances of you hitting is 18/38 thats approximately.37. Due to tight risk controls I had 14 losers in a row and only lost.8 of my account balance. Previously when kryptowährung höchstes potential I set my stop loss level at 5 of my account, I realized I was in constant fear when the trade was in the Red zone (losing money). Revenge trading: I did do this toward the end of my loss streak this week. The ratio emphases on how willing you are to risk to achieve your take profit. In the same manner, when the odds are in our favour, we have an edge against the house.

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If you are working 8-5 daily its already 7pm when you are home and the strategy you are using, require you to be in front of your computer for 5 hours waiting for signal then you might want to change to another strategy. Thats right; I laid an egg, went oh-fer, got blanked, and generally stunk. Hi Redditors, This is a content that I wrote that I hope it will help you in your trader! The past few months I have been coding some automatic back-testing in Python (and using BackTrader). Many may think that the roulette table is a 50/50 game, well is not. When you have the correct mindset, proper risk management (Risk: Reward ratio) and you test your strategy before using it on the live market. 14 trades taken 14 trades closed at a loss. If I would have bailed when I knew I should have then I could have limited the damage to around a 4 loss for the week. The casino and because of the 0 and 00 the casino have an edge.63, this number might seem small but it kills. This will help you to have a better organization and balance in both trading and your personal life.

Having said that, you need to know it takes time before the market can hit your take profit. Sort your priorities before coming up with a schedule for the trading strategy you plan to use. If anyone is interested in this data and code let me know, I will clean it up and share. This way, you do not have to sacrifice your top priorities.