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go up because of economic reasons and speculative hype created on the streets and in social media. A password will come in reply SMS. Would you like to invert the currencies pairs? If you have already received the password, enter it here and click to continue to read the article: SMS-services are being provided by, smsCoin, report a problem. "Some say external forces are at work to destabilize the country's economy and others trace the volatility to machinations by domestic political factions he said.

But this time around, the CBI intends to let the rate have limited fluctuations in line with market mechanisms. 10:25 (UTC04:00 access to paid information is limited. Abolfazl Roghani, the head of Majlis Industries Commission, also said that if the government had such a power to fix the exchange rate, it should have acted earlier. A survey by Iran Chamber of Commerce showed that most of these people have a dim view of the idea.

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Ferial Mostofi, the head of Investment Commission at the chamber, said the exchange rate of 42,000 rials would not be durable and that supply and demand should determine that. CBI Announcement, as markets were still reeling from the announcement, CBI on Tuesday published more details about the measures, which included eight sections, saying that more information would be made public in the future. "Our enemies have not been sitting idle and are trying to create imbalance in our economy by creating volatilities. It also shows the history chart of this currency pairs, by choosing the time period you can get more detailed information. "In the plan by Majlis there is a proposal to establish a formal currency market and. Another significant part deals with foreign exchange generated through exports, which must be converted to rial through legal channels unless they are used for imports by the same exporter or for repayment of debts. The CBI chief tried to calm angry MPs, reassured that everyone, including medical patients and students, will receive the required currencies, and said forex rates are to move "in proportion to economic indicators" so they might fluctuate by around 5-6 during the current Iranian year. Euro(EUR) To Iran Rial(IRR). But Jahangiri's announcement set the record straight when he announced the bold decision that harks back to the last currency crisis in 2012 when the then-CBI chief, Mahmoud Bahmani, unsuccessfully attempted to unify the exchange rate at 12,260 rials. Before the announcement on Monday, the rial had slid to a record low of 60,000 rials against the dollar on the unregulated market. Date, iran Rial, euro Wednesday 1 IRR.0E-5 einfache Arbeits forex Strategie EUR Tuesday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Monday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Sunday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Saturday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Friday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Thursday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Wednesday 1 IRR.0E-5 EUR Tuesday. He also referred to the government's post-sanctions achievement in attracting billions of dollars in foreign finance resources to the country, and said, "The government is determined to preserve the stability of the economy.".