kurs euro-prognoza forex

to USD forecast at the end of the month.210, change for February.6. The USD to EUR forecast at the end of the month.869, change for February.0. In the beginning rate.830 Euros. High exchange rate.847, low.822. In the beginning rate.853 Euros.

The EUR to USD forecast at the end of the month.095, change for November -0.8. EUR to USD forecast for June 2021. High exchange rate.172, low.130.

kurs euro-prognoza forex

High exchange rate.124, low.090.
The average for the month.107.

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In the beginning rate.886 Euros. In the beginning rate.217 Dollars. The EUR to USD forecast at the end of the month.129, change for December -0.9. The average for the month.804. The average for the month.103. High exchange rate.820, low.791. Dollar to Euro forecast for July 2019. The average for the month.822.